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Take a few minutes to browse through this collection of Land Rovers and other great trucks.  Who knows, you might find just what you are looking for to give your Land Rover that finishing touch that makes it "your Land Rover" as it stands out from the crowd.

Ths section has been re-organized by vehicle type. We recieve many queastion about what fits, how the truck will look with certain mods, tires, ect.  Hopefully you will find the configuration you are looking for here.

This 1995 Discovery is enjoying new life with a tougher image, and better capability on and off the road.  First up, ARB winch ready bull bar, Rovertym Engineering HD tie rods with steering damper relocation kit, HD Old Man Emu suspension, full length safari roof rack with over head lighting and a set of Warn dual beam driving lamps up front.  Other great upgrades to this truck include a full NRP performance exhaust system, rear differentail u-joint conversion, and a Trailhead 4x4 oil cooler line upgrade kit to keep the whole package safe. 

When this '95 is out on business, an ARB roof top Simpson III tent goes too.  The tent is shown here deployed with the optional annexe shelter. 

This 1999 Series 1 Discovery is running a medium duty Old Man Emu suspension kit, 245/75/16 Toyo Open Country AT tires, Safety Devices Rock Sliders, and a RRC Great Devide Edition front bull bar. 

1997 Discovery 1 that was luckily spared from the Cash For Clunkers scam, and made into a great toy instead!  After going under the knife for head gasket replacement, timing cover re-seal, new 4.6L camshaft, new Trailhead 4x4 SS Y-Pipe catalyst assembly, Trailhead 4x4 oil cooler line upgrade, transmission service, and steering box replacement, it was time for fun stuff like Old Man Emu suspension system, and a new set of BFG 235/85/16 KM2 tires.  It's a shame to see these wonderfull vehicles needlessly destroyed, but lucky for this one, there is plenty of play time in it's future. 

95 DiscoveryHere we have Art's clean 1995 Discovery Series 1.  Art had a special request for Trailhead 4x4 which was to convert the existing (and ailing) LT230 transfer case to a Borg-Warner style found in Range Rover Classics.  The reason soon became obvious.  The quieter operation of the B-W T-case, plus it's greater ability to navigate snow-covered terrain were the biggest factors, as was the more transparent operation, and ease of use of this style transfer case.  After completion of this task, Trailhead 4x4 also installed the Safari Rack, and Hella 1000 fog lamps.  This Disco goes everywhere, and carries everything!  It's an impressive sight to see Art and 6 of his kayak buddies along with all their gear, AND their boats traveling in this beast! 

Jeffs 1998 Discovery LSE is just such a great looking truck we had to include it here.  Completely bone stock, but a beauty.  British Racing Green outside, with Lightstone Leather inside, it's one of those irresistible combinations!  Great truck Jeff!

Have you ever wondered how far your Land Rover will last?  Well, just ask Keaton about his 1996 Discovery!  He has racked up more than 248,000 miles so far!  What is the secret?  Trailhead 4x4 & Off Road!  Keeping up with a good maintenance schedule will make your Land Rover outlive most all other vehicles you've ever owned!  While this truck does show it's age in certain areas, there have been no major components replaced, and it has worn out just as many tires as it has road atlas! 

This 1998 Discovery is the subject of much discussion in our Oil Cooler Lines page.  It has survived an engine fire caused by a burst engine oil cooler line, and now lives to tell the tale.  Thankfully, quick thinking on the driver's part got the flames extinguished quickly, and the damage was limited to mostly plastic parts, lines and hoses. Even so, this near disaster (not to mention the expense) could have been avoided entirely by being a bit proactive and having the oil lines replaced sooner.  Needless to say there is an upgraded set in place now, and engine fires are now only part of this Land Rover's past.

The 2004 Discovery II G4 Edition in Tangiers Orange really brightens things up.  After a head gasket replacement, 120,000 mile service, and some powdercoating, it's ready to roll again.  In order to be able to fit in the garage at home, it has remained at stock height, but with the cabin controlled locking center differential standard on all 2004 Discovery Series II, it has no trouble getting where it's going.

Ok, yes it's kind of a crappy picture, but a killer truck!  This 2003 Discovery was sent to us from Virginia to have an LT230 transfer case with CDL installed.  This truck now uses a Discovery 1 style CDL lever and linkage, and no longer has to rely on electronic traction control to negotiate rough trails.  Sitting on top of a set of 285/75/16 BFG AT KO tires, and a Rovertym Engineering 3" lift, the term "high centered" almost doesn't even apply anymore! 

Mark's 1999 Discovery II has just about every imaginable toy you can think of.  For starters, the ARB up front has mounted in it a Warn XD9000 winch with spiderwire synthetic cable and is powered by an Optima spiral cell battery. (read more about this in "Projects") He is also sitting on a full OME suspension system, running 265/75/16 Firestones, and complete underbelly protection. On top is a genuine Mantec roof rack, Hella overhead lighting, and for those observant enthusiasts, YES, the roof is in fact painted Chawton white! Very cool touch, paying homage to the Series Rovers that gave rise to all the great vehicles we have today! And it keeps the truck cooler in the summer, reducing strain on the AC system, double bonus!  This truck has since changed hands to a lucky new owner, But check out Mark's new ride below!

This is Mark's new rig, a 2004 Discovery Series II.  This vehicle is the pinnacle of the Discovery line with it's factory 4.6L V8, center differential lock feature, and projector style headlamps.  Mark has already taken the first steps with this truck by adding on the ARB Safari Snorkel, Safety Devices roof rack with hella 500 lighting, rear G4 lamp guards, Land Rover Genuine rear fuel tank skid plate, diff guard, steering guard, waterproof seat covers, and Borla exhaust for just the right sound, and to free up those last few horses in order to spin the Good Year 245/75/16 MTR wrapped around the powdercoated  6 spoke wheels.   WOW!  What the heck else could you possibly want?  Head on over to the PROJECTS section to see what Mark hired Trailhead 4x4 to transform his discovery into!

Jesse just had an Old Man Emu suspension kit installed here at Trailhead 4x4.  He is currently running 265/75/16 BFG All Terrain KO tires with stock gearing.  Along with the suspension system, Jesse also upgraded to a U-joint style rear drive shaft, eliminating the rubber Rotoflex coupling which is sure to grenade on a lifted Disco. The rack is a genuine Mantec product, and there is soon to be much more than just a few jerry cans filling it!  Stay tuned to this ride, it will be going places..........

This 2004 Discovery sits on a 2" Old Man Emu suspension kit which makes room for the 265/65/18 BF Goodrich AT KO tires.  Very neat and functional package.

This is Trailhead 4x4's own 1990 Range Rover Classic.  It has been through a number of transformations over the years.  Sitting right here on Hayden Pass Road, it has a Rovertym 3" suspension system with 33 x 10.50 / 15 BFG MT KM tires.  Other equipment includes Rovertym HD tie rod kit, Rovertym front winch bumper, rock sliders, and rear bumper with swingout tire carrier.  The ARB roof Rack and 12V freezer / fridge are both essential pieces of gear for any overland trip, as well as the Warn Winch and dual beam driving lamps. 

It seems all we have at the moment is a hood-up shot of  Mark's new 1995 RRC LWB.  A Rovertym 5" suspension system ensures there will be no high-centering problems with extra 8" of wheel base.  285/75/16  BFG KM2 tires get it around, and the Warn XD9000 winch is there for when the going gets tough.  This truck is also running the new Trailhead 4x4 SS Y Pipe, and oil cooler line kit.

This sinister looking 1995 Range Rover Classic was brought in with an ailing 4.2L V-8, and was destined for greater things.  This truck received a 4.6L conversion which included custom cam from D&D Fabrication, a dual row timing chain, and a host of other new parts and goodies.  This Range Rover now has outstanding passing ability on the highway, and can tow the owners loaded boat trailer with ease.

This 1993 LWB came to us already built, painted, kitted, and ready to go except for a few details and loose ends.  After repairing numerous electrical connections and oil leaks, attending to loose and  / or MISSING bolts, and replacing the all too familiar fire hazard oil cooling lines, this beast is ready to be released back into the wild! 

A 2001 Range Rover P38 Rhino Edition, is not something you see every day, but if you stick around here long enough, you'll get to check one out first hand..  It was brought into the shop to have some wiring repaired that was tampered with to install the driving lamps.  Neither the driving lamps nor the fog lights would work correctly, but now that we've been in there, things are as bright as they should be.

It's so nice when things work like they should!  Anyone who has driven in Cleveland winters knows that good fog lamps are a necessity after dark! 

This 2001 P38 came in for new shoes, and left with a big meaty set of hiking boots!  The new BFG MT KM2 tires are great off road and on it.  The size under this truck is 265/75/16.  They do not rub while using any EAS mode above access height. 

This is what you're supposed to do with brand new mud tires!  The kid in you will win every time when you get brand new mud tires on your Rover!

This is yet another Rhino Edition P38 Range Rover. This one happens to be equipped with A Rock Rover front winch bumper, Warn XD9000 winch, Warn dual beam driving lamps, and 265/65/18 BFG AT KO tires. 

The rear of the Rhino is finished off with a Rock Rover rear bumper system.  The bumper incorporates a swingout arm for mounting a spare fuel can as well as the spare tire, and a skid plate to protect the fuel tank.  Also visible in this picture are the Rock Rover rock sliders, and Borla dual tip exhaust.  The roof rack is a Yakima Mega Warroir basket attached to the factory cross bars.

Most of the Range Rover Sport models are still covered under the original factory warranty, so it is rare that one wanders in, but there are certain items your warranty will not cover.  This RRS with about 38,000 miles needed new shoes, and we were happy to provide them.  The owner was very happy with the original Continental 255/50/19 tires, so we ordered up a new set, and this RRS will be sure footed when winter snow falls again.

This clean 1997 Defender 90 was bought sight unseen and brought straight to Trailhead for a thorough inspection and some maintenance.  After fixing up a few neglected items and performing a 30K service, we hung a brand new Borla stainless steel exhaust, installed stainless body hardware, and tightened up the spare tire carrier to eliminate some annoying rattling.  This truck now sounds like a defender should, and really turns heads on and off road!

Looks can be deceiving, this is not the same defender as above!  This is a nice example of a 1995 Defender 90 which has been mildly built for street and trail use.  This D90 is sitting on an OME coil springs, and to keep things inside of a tighter budget, Pro-Comp shocks.  Tires all around are 285/75/16 BFG All Terrain KO's, and giving this Defender a more assertive voice is a Magnaflow stainless steel exhaust.  This truck came to us for a clutch master and slave cylinder replacement.  The previous owner had mistakenly filled the reservoir with gear oil instead of the required Castrol GT LMA brake fluid.  Remember to always use this fluid in any of your Rover brake and clutch hydraulics! While it was here, we suggested a rebuild of the spare tire carrier since this one was worn pretty badly and made a terrible racket.  Things are now much more pleasant while piloting this great rig. 

Check out Ken's super sweet 1994 Defender 90 soft top!  Ken and his Defender are most at home on the steep climbs of Poughkeepsie Gulch trail in Colorado, or dropping down into Telluride from Black Bear pass! The extensive list of mods on this truck is highlighted with numerous items from the ARB catalog such as the front winch bumper with Warn XD9000 winch, and a pair of ARB Air Locker differentials.  You'll also find a Tuffy Security center console, Hella Rallye 4000 driving lamps, complete stainless exterior hardware kit, and Trailhead 4x4 Oil Cooler Line Upgrade kit.  Don't be fooled into thinking this is only a toy!  This Defender gets driven every day, and is serviced and maintained exclusively by Trailhead 4x4 & Off Road! 

Another regular in the Trailhead 4x4 service bays is this great looking 1997 D90 LE.  It rides on an OME 2" suspension, which does a great job of showing off the new BFG AT KO tires.  This truck is also protected by upgraded Trailhead 4x4 oil cooler lines. 

We are fortunate enough to be visited by this great '95 D90 SW from time to time.  Aside from basic maintenance and repairs, Trailhead 4x4 has had a big hand in setting up this truck.  The list of mods starts with an Old Man Emu suspension system with HD front shock towers, an ARB front winch bumper loaded with a Superwinch EP9000 and Warn SDB-160 Dual Beam driving lamp system.  It doesn't stop there though!  Even the winch carries it's own mods in the form of an 80' 3/8" dia. plasma rope!  Supplying the juice for winching duty is of course an Odyssey PCH1500 battery.  To protect the doors from rocks with an appetite for sheet metal,  Safari Gard rock sliders are used, and a pinion guard from RockWare ensures the rear driveshaft doesn't feed the animals either.  Rounding out the package is a full NRP exhaust system, a set of Badger Coachworks seat covers, and an Oil Cooler Line replacement kit. 

This 1997 Defender was sent to Trailhead 4x4 to have the fiberglass hard top installed.  While in the shop, this customer requested to have our Oil Cooler Line upgrade kit installed along with a front to back fluid change.  One cool upgrade this Defender carries is a Rover Genuine Parts winch kit.  Some items like this are so rare now that they are almost collector items!  The Old Man Emu suspension kit makes room for the 285/75/16 Goodyear MTR tires, and a set of rocker guards make sure the doors do not get re-contoured while crawling 4+ rated trails such as Moab Rim and Poison Spider Mesa which are just a few of the runs on this truck's resume'.

Some of you might have seen this AA yellow Defender in the shop since it turned to be one of our favorite visitors.  We really can't even begin to list out all the mods and fixes done to this truck so we'll hit on the big stuff for now.  RoverTym Engineering 3" suspension lift, Rockware front winch bumper, Safari Gard rocker guards, Badger Coachworks soft top, Rover Genuine Parts steering guard, LED tail lamp conversion, SW jump seat conversion, and of course, Trailhead 4x4 Oil Cooler Line upgrade.  Now what you can't see are all the small details that also went into this truck such as converting the upper front marker lamps into turn signals since the originals were lost when the bumper was replaced, fixing the vent controls, numerous electrical gremlins evicted, new hood latch cable, bulkhead vent seals, the list goes on and on, but that is what turns an OK Defender into a GREAT Defender.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Trailhead 4x4 is our ability to install nearly any modification onto your Land Rover, and make it look like it was meant to be there.  Case in point would be our 2004 Disco build, but even on a much smaller scale we take great pains to make sure your truck looks and functions correctly.  This Defender 90 owner never liked the operation of the Hella 4000 driving lamps as they were installed, so the truck was left with us for the day to get sorted out.  A new factory style dash switch was installed, and the entire system re-wired so as to provide all available power to the lights when activated.  The operation and overall install is now much better, and the lights now being wired correctly are living up to their full potential and lighting the way as they should.

Defender 110This is Trailhead 4x4's own NAS defender 110 #277!   Only 500 of these unique vehicles were ever imported into the US, and only in 1993.  Look for it on and off the road this summer as you are Rovering around!  Current goodies include Trailhead 4x4's own stainless steel oil line upgrade kit, ARB front bullbar, Safari Gard rocker guards, and Differential guards, Old Man Emu Nitrocharger shock absorbers, and heavy duty springs, Tuffy Security center console, and an upgraded sound system.  We have also recently added an NRP stainless steel exhaust.  Not only does it look and sound great, but it practically installed itself!   Stay tuned for more exciting upgrades coming soon!

1967 Series IIA 109A select lucky few of you Rover spotters out there have seen J.R.'s 1967 series IIA 109 on the road.  This classic is another example of good maintenance, and Trailhead 4x4's enthusiasm to keep Rovers on the road!

It's getting to be that time where new models like this LR3 are getting out of warranty, and needing a new home for service and repair.  If this sounds like your situation, you have found the right place.  This LR3 with just over 100K on the clock was needing only a new set of rear brakes, and some tires.

What makes the 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser even better?  Kit it out with ARB products!  This truck is showing off it's brand new ARB deluxe bull bar with fog lamp kit, ARB full length roof rack, and an Old Man Emu suspension package. 

This 2002 4-Runner had an unfortunate encounter with one of Ohio's many deer, and the factory bumper did not fare so well. After being replaced with an ARB bull bar, and a set of Warn dual beam driving lamps, the deer are no longer as much a problem. 

OK not a Rover, but we just can't turn down a cool project where we''re presented with one.  This 2004 F150 was already fitted with a 6" Fab Tech suspension lift and 35" tires.  What it needs now is new differential gearing to compensate for those 35's!  Here at Trailhead 4x4 we re-geared this truck from the stock 3.73 to a deeper 4.56 ratio, and now this truck jumps off the line like it should!  We also fixed quite a bit of interior and exterior wiring for the add-on equipment such as the radar detection system and PIAA front fog lamps.  Say hi  if you see "Big Bird" while your out, you sure can't miss it!

1988 Toyota FJ-62While we are Ohio's #1 and ONLY Land Rover enthusiast support center, we do have other outlets for our creative energies.  This is Trailhead's 1988 Toyota FJ-62 Land Cruiser.  Are you ready for the list of goodies hidden in here?   Here goes:  ARB front bullbar, Warn XD9000 winch, Hella Rallye 4000 euro beam driving lamps, ARB Safari Snorkel, Kaymar rear tow bumper with swingaway tire and fuel can carriers, Old Man Emu suspension system with greaseable anti-inversion shackles and steering stabilizer, upgraded 16*8 aluminum wheels wrapped in 285 BFG Mud KM tires, custom on-board air system, Trailhead 4x4 exclusive braided stainless transmission cooler line kit (Cruiser-heads take note!), and of course, a great sounding stereo! Don't think it's going to stop there either!  Check back to see the next evolution in cruisin'! 

This 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser has been treated to an Old Man Emu suspension upgrade, ARB front bumper, and new 285/75/16 BFG Mud Terrain KM tires on 16" Alcoa wheels.  If your FJ needs a bit of a facelift, or maybe a bit more ability off the beaten path, stop by and check us out!

Yes, that's right, yet another Toyota.  You just can't beat a late model FZJ80 Land Cruiser for out-of-the-box off road capability!  Long travel coil spring suspension, factory locking differentials front center and rear, tons of torque from the DOHC I-6, and low range gearing to satisfy the needs of most any trail you can bear to take something this shiny on!  This truck came in to have an Old Man Emu suspension system installed.  Along with the basic kit, we also installed a steering stabilizer, and castor correcting front radius arm bushings.

Any Guesses?  No it's not a 101 Forward Control, good guess though!  This is a 1975 Volvo C303. It was purchased from the Swedish military after being decommissioned in January 2005.  Talk about out-of-the-box capability!  This thing is equipped with vacuum actuated differential locks front and rear, portal axles, 35 inch tires, and  super crawl low range gearing.  With a Volvo I-6 motor, this is no land speed record holder, but it will get there, anywhere. 

The body damage in this picture we think was caused by a drunk Swedish soldier on their DRMO lot. It will be repaired by Breckenridge Restoration in Tallmadge later on this fall. Other small jobs include fitting a new exhaust, new ream main seal, CV boot steering gaiters and a brand new set of BFG 315/75/16 Mud Terrain KM tires.  Keep your eyes on this thing, who knows what we'll do with a blank palate like this!

We just can't seem to kick the Toyota habit!  This 2003 Tacoma was built by Trailhead 4x4 for beach cruising in the Outer Banks.  Where do we even begin?  It all started with a 4 inch Fabtech lift, A.R.E. teflon coated wheels wrapped with 285/75/16 Pro Comp all terrains.  From there things progressed to a Borla cat-back exhaust system, Yakima Load Warrior rack system, and of course the ARB bullbar with Warn XD9000 winch.  Wouldn't want to leave lesser 4x4's stuck at low tide now would we? 

A long time friend of Trailhead 4x4, Josh here is showing us how to get off road and have a great time on a budget.  His 1991 Isuzu trooper is more or less bone stock, with a few key exceptions.  He is running a set of stock Toyota truck wheels with 31x10.50 / 15 BFG all Terrain KO tires, Superwinch manual locking hubs, extended rear shackles, and Pro-Comp shocks.  Also on his list of goodies are home-made limb risers, Yakima roof rack, Hella driving lights, powdercoated front skid plate, and a custom made high-lift jack mount on his spare tire. Best of all, Josh's whole setup set him back less than most of us pay for a lift and tires!

The owner of this 1977 Toyota FJ 40 Land Cruiser contacted Trailhead 4x4 to get a few parts powdercoated.  See our Powdercoating page for more info.

Word spreads fast apparently!  This is a 1983, the last of the FJ-40 Land Cruisers.  This one is also in for some powdercoating.  Trailhead 4x4 did the inner taillight buckets, spring shackles, and a few other odds and ends.  Hubs are next on the list.

While I was Deployed to Iraq, I shot some pics of Military Land Rovers in use.  This is a Defender 110 used for shuttling truck parts to various camps throughout Iraq

This D-90 was traveling with the 110 above.  It is loaded with tools and driven by a team of mechanics that perform field service wherever vehicles are broken down.

Last Update 9/1/2008