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Services offered at Trailhead 4x4 include things as simple as an oil change, or a complete engine change.  All aspects from engine to suspension, to driveline, to electrical and beyond are addressed here.  Whatever you might be in need of, it can be taken care of here.

Trailhead 4x4 now offers T4 diagnostics for your Land Rover!  This is the same diagnostic system found in your local Land rover Dealership!  This allows us to diagnose Check Engine, ABS, Traction Control, SRS, Air Suspension, and various other computerized Land Rover systems. 

This is Trailhead 4x4's old shop.  We have since remodeled a new shop, and moved all of our tools and equipment.  Check the following photos to see the renovation in progress!

The Range Rover you see in this picture is actually Trailhead's own 1990 classic in it's humble beginnings!  Next to it is our 1988 FJ-62 Land Cruiser project truck.

 Many of our renovation pics are now gone since this project is definitely no longer news.  If you have been in our shop recently, compare your experience to this.  Looks a whole lot bigger even in this tiny photo doesn't it?  The rest of the renovation pics will be acessable soon through our photo album which you will be able to access directly from this site.  All that takes time so check back in a bit.

Those of you who have walked through the shop recently know very well things aren't this neat and tidy anymore!

Some of you may remember the June 2006 flood we had in Valley View.  Here's Ross making the best of it in our front parking lot.  The water never got high enough to come inside our shop, but it was too close for comfort. 

Kinda the same thing only frozen this time.  The March 2008 snowstorm was great fun but only IF YOU WERE IN A LAND ROVER!!!!!  There was a full 4 feet of snow drifted in front of our front door, and a good 30 inches across the parking lot.  And of course there's Ross again making tracks just because he can.

The time has finally come for a real service rack.  Well, that time had come, gone, revisited, taunted and teased us, and finally the money played along and here it is.  No more working on the ground all day long!  Maybe only half the day, or every other day, we have to learn to share I guess.  Vince is so excited while assembling the rack that he is just a blur as we put it all together!  Oh and notice all the crap in the background?  The shop we once thought was so huge has filled up quickly. 

Installing this rack means drilling 16 total 3/4" holes into the concrete floor to secure the rack.  Nothing makes short work of that like a big Hilti hammer drill!  We took turns using this thing, everyone wanted a shot and making some noise.  The term "like butter" applies here.

The T4 diagnostic system allows us to pinpoint exactly what your Land Rover is trying to tell you when any one of the warning lights turn on. 

Accessing systems such as the ABS on this Discovery Series II is no problem.  We quickly diagnosed this vehicle with a faulty right front wheel speed sensor, did the repair, and the owner had her vehicle back that same day. 

This is why you should change your oil regularly.  See all that black crud in there? This 1998 Discovery series 1 has over 100,000 miles, but has not had religious oil changes.  It came in for a rough idle and a Check Engine light.  That's old oil caked under the valve covers.  That stuff is in the rest of the engine too.  All is not lost however, Trailhead 4x4 & Off Road can handle an engine rebuild with ease!  Compare our pricing too, and you'll find we're also easy on the wallet!

Here's a shot of the valve train under that valve cover you just looked at.  All that black junk will get cleaned out, and this Disco will again breathe easy, and provide many more years of dependable service.  The heads will come off, and be sent out to get checked for flatness, and cracks.  Then the valve seats will be re-ground, and new valves lapped in.  There will also be numerous oil leaks repaired along the way.

Here is a shot of what happens to valves after many miles of neglect and poor maintenance.  What you are seeing is a large buildup of carbon on the intake valve.  Compare the dirty valve on the left to the clean one on the right.  All that carbon impedes the flow of the fuel/air charge trying to get into the combustion chamber.  This is noticeable to the driver as a loss of power and poor fuel economy.  In many cases, when the carbon buildup has gotten this bad, the valves will actually stick in the guides, and then cause misfires.  This can cause your check engine light to illuminate.

In severe cases, removal of the engine and reconditioning are the most efficient way to correct years of poor maintenance.  This engine will live a second life and be carefully maintained from now on at Trailhead 4x4.  In addition to reconditioning the internal mechanical workings, this engine got a bit of a cosmetic facelift as well with newly powdercoated valve covers, fuel rail, thermostat housing, and exhaust manifolds.