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We're sure this is not how you really want to spend the last few moments with your Defender, Discovery, or Range Rover.  Fires like this are unfortunately becoming more and more likely to happen to Rover Owners, and the cause is old cracked and dry rotted engine oil cooler lines.  The bright side is that Trailhead 4x4 has your solution, and can help prevent this terrible tragedy from happening.  Read on to find a kit for your application, and protect your investment!

Here is the aftermath of a very MINOR fire!  This fire only lasted 5 or 6 seconds but still did about $6000.00 worth of damage to an otherwise very clean 1998 Discovery.  This vehicle was fixed, and is now on the road and protected with a set of our oil lines so this will not happen again.

Here is a good shot of the culprit.  Youcan see the charred area of the rubber line section that was spraying the oil mist onto the exhaust manifold.  It is very easy to visually inspect these lines.  Check them NOW!  If they appear wet, replace them.  If you see any signs of cracking, dry rot, or seepage from the crimped connections, replace them.  Don't gamble, you are literally playing with fire.

This is our basic D90 kit that will save your bacon rather than cooking it!  This DIY kit includes everything you need to complete the install.  Many other variations of this kit are available to fit brazed fitting radiators, serpentine belt timing covers (for use on 1997 D90, Discovery Series 1, and 1995 Range Rover Classic) or any other type of vehicle configuration you may have.  If you don't see your application listed in the price sheet on this page, call or E-mail anytime for information.  Every kit is comprised of 100% brand new parts, no rebuilding of your old lines is required, we do not recycle your old parts and call them new.  All kits are available to order and ship for DIY installation or of course can be installed here on site in our shop.

Trailhead 4x4 & Off Road now offers a complete replacement kit for the 1997 Defender 90!  You can see in this picture why it has been such a long time coming.  The type of line connection to the front cover is very strange, but we have your solution!

This custom made part is the key to a high quality line replacement kit for your '97 D90, Discovery, or '95 RRC.  There are no "remanufactured" parts in our kits, only brand new, custom made parts specifically for your Rover. 

This is how our Finished product will look on your 1997 Defender 90, Discovery series 1, or 1995 Range Rover Classic.  This kit replaces 100% of your old system!  Do not settle for rebuilds of your old lines, compression fittings, crimps, hose clamps, ect.  THEY WILL NOT HOLD UP!!!  The solid tubing used on the original cooler lines is very thin and not suitable for modification or re-use in any way.  Why skimp out on a few extra bucks in this critical area?  Is it really worth risking when you are traveling the back country?

This shot is our exclusive FFA or "Fixed Fitting Adaptor" for newer style radiators.  all 1997 D90's and most Discovery series 1 vehicles will require this fitting.  Older vehicles may still use a threaded style oil port fitting and will not require these adaptors.  If you are unsure of your current setup, feel free to call the shop any time so we can help you out.

1993-1995 Defender 90 / 110 threaded radiator fitting kit                                         $225.00

1993-1995 Defender 90 / 110 fixed radiator fitting kit                                                 $275.00

1997 Defender 90                                                                                                             $300.00

1990-1994 Range Rover Classic threaded radiator fitting kit                                    $220.00

1990-1994 Range Rover Classic fixed radiator fitting kit                                           $270.00

1995 Range Rover Classic threaded radiator fitting kit                                             $230.00

1995 Range Rover Classic fixed radiator fitting kit                                                    $290.00

1994-1999 Discovery Series 1                                                                                       $290.00

All of our oil line kits are proudly made in the USA!!!!!

If your Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser has leaking transmission cooler lines, this is the ticket!  You may find the parts you need are either no longer available at all, or if you are able to find them, a complete replacement of the system can run upwards of  $900.00!!!!!  The Trailhead 4x4 replacement kit will get you back on the road for $255.00.  This kit does not require the re-use, recycling, or modification of any original parts, it is 100% new from the transmission to the radiator!